Live and let live.

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about puppies." -Gene Hill

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Model AU


“T-Ted no, stoppit”
“What was that?? Tickle me more??”
“G-Guuwaa s-stoppp”
“sorry Bee, you’ll have to speak


‘Change the shutter speed’
‘….turn it to Auto’

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College babbus

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House of M Fashion

Full description on my blog!

(edit: This was a commission, and the client did not ask for Lorna to be included which is why she is missing.  Maybe next time…)

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"It’s alright Tee, I’m okay, you can let him go…"

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Billy wants all the deets on David.

Here’s one Tommy found in his pocket.

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young avengers #013; “…and have the avengers kick your face clean off.”

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the evolution of Billy’s costume

I’m torn between his first one and his current one.

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So tell me, whatta you got that makes you think you shouldn’t just give up?

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in response to THE WORLD APPARENTLY ENDING IN A DEADLY FLUFFY WHITE BLANKET here are some chilly weenie-looking superpowered fanboys

This is everything that is right in the world.

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Oh my god Okay I’m sorry I should really work on the other things I’m supposed to be working on…

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draiad: Did he fall asleep at the computer?

jujubeee: yessss, looking at pics of him and Teddy - examining them to see if Teddy looked kind of entranced

jujubeee: Later, Billy will be closing all the images and then he’ll notice Notepad is open

jujubeee:In there is written “I miss you - T”

jujubeee: Teddy’s already gone back to his room

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Wiccan: So, we’re just going to come right out and tell out partents we’re super heroes?
Hulkling: Might as well. We’re gonna have to come out to them at some point.

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