Live and let live.

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about puppies." -Gene Hill

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A poster and labour of love for my favourite on-going comic title right now!

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wanda and billy have a training day and they hang out and stuff so pietro is like alright. i guess i can look after the other one.

somehow he and tommy end up going fishing and, listen, if you don’t think the idea of the two fastest guys on earth sitting motionless in a small boat for several hours is HILARIOUS then i don’t know how to help you

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im just a in love with the “falling asleep on each other while on train/bus/whatever” um so here have our young avengers cutest couple uh

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Following this

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hope u like~

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spent the day a bit pissed off ‘cause I got kicked out of school just when I was gearing up to get stuff done, thanks to the teacher not knowing that I’ve literally spent years working after hours without problem.

so, yet again, I cheered myself up with tommy getting hugs, because i need more touchy feely/grumpy twins showing affection for each other in my life is why.

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Model AU


“T-Ted no, stoppit”
“What was that?? Tickle me more??”
“G-Guuwaa s-stoppp”
“sorry Bee, you’ll have to speak


‘Change the shutter speed’
‘….turn it to Auto’

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College babbus

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House of M Fashion

Full description on my blog!

(edit: This was a commission, and the client did not ask for Lorna to be included which is why she is missing.  Maybe next time…)

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"It’s alright Tee, I’m okay, you can let him go…"

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Billy wants all the deets on David.

Here’s one Tommy found in his pocket.

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young avengers #013; “…and have the avengers kick your face clean off.”

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the evolution of Billy’s costume

I’m torn between his first one and his current one.

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So tell me, whatta you got that makes you think you shouldn’t just give up?

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